[888 Motorsports] [SCCBC / CACC] CW2 RACE – TurkeyTriple 10/10/15 @ Mission

Qualify was fairly dry, but the Race was soaking. Good fun!

Luckily I had the opportunity to drive R&P Motorsport’s EF Civic Si.

A long time running car with R&P, sporting a welded diff – this car was an absolute blast to drive.


Car: EF Civic Si

Event: Turkey Triple – Practice – Hosted By SCCBC

Class: IP3

[888 Motorsports] [SCCBC] CW2 PRACTICE – May-Niacs Weekend 05/24/14 @ Mission Raceway Park

Featuring the very wet practice session from the May-Niac’s Weekend. Also scrubbed in my first set of Toyo RA-1s ever which was a bit greasy at first (I also over-inflated the rears so it was a bit more tail happy). Unfortunately I let the gopro battery run out and was never able to get a decent recording of the two race sessions. Oh well – live and learn, won’t happen next time. I think it’s really important to get video of every run, if not for self improvement, for a witness in case of a racing incident.

It was fun racing with the senior drivers in IP2 class for the first time. It’s much more competitive as one can imagine versus a novice race. I felt much more challenged and now welcome senior races.

[888 Motorsports] [SCCBC / CACC] Novice CW – A Lap Ahead 04/13/13 @ Mission Raceway Park

1:10 – Pace Lap

4:05 – Race Start

4:25 – Passing Miata & Camaro

5:55 – Passing Corvette

7:20 – Yellow Flag – Pace Car Out

10:05 – Race Resumes & A little bit tail happy

12:15 – Passed by Civic

16:15 – Lock up new NT01 tires

20:30 – Lapping Rabbit & Miata

23:25 – Lapping Porsche


Team: 888Motorsports.com / Sponsor: vanVPS.com

Car: 1997 Integra Type-R

Event: A Lap Ahead by SCCBC & CACC

Class: Novice Closed Wheel

Novice Race: September 1-3 – SCCBC “Labour Daze”

Our first wheel to wheel Novice Races, sanctioned by ICSCC, is a double race on September 1st and 2nd at Mission Raceway.

Basically, all the novices are put in one group, despite car classes. Novices must safely complete three races as a novice, prior to applying for a Senior License.

Race Weekend Recap

In a 1989 Civic Si, Nate placed 7th and 4th, in a field of Corvettes to M3s to Miatas, on the 1st and 2nd of September respectively. It was great fun, and our driver for the weekend has learned a lot from the experience.

The officials like to throw out flags to test us, and it sure does help. On the second race day there was a wreck that took place between a Miata and an Integra right in front of our driver, which made his heart skip a beat or two. (See in video @ 8:30)

Nate’s working on perfecting his consistency and heel-toe shifting. Check out the race video!

2:35 – Pace Lap

5:20 – Race Start

8:30 – Miata and Integra crash, near miss Integra

20:25 – Passed by RX7, Chasing Mini and Camaro

21:20 – Passed by BMW, Passing Red Mini

22:00 – Passed by Corvette

22:30 – Passing Camaro, followed by Full Course Yellow

29:20 – Race Resumes

30:20 – Passing Orange Mini