[888 Motorsports] [SCCBC / CACC] CW2 RACE – TurkeyTriple 10/10/15 @ Mission

Qualify was fairly dry, but the Race was soaking. Good fun!

Luckily I had the opportunity to drive R&P Motorsport’s EF Civic Si.

A long time running car with R&P, sporting a welded diff – this car was an absolute blast to drive.


Car: EF Civic Si

Event: Turkey Triple – Practice – Hosted By SCCBC

Class: IP3

[888 Motorsports] [SCCBC] CW2 PRACTICE – May-Niacs Weekend 05/24/14 @ Mission Raceway Park

Featuring the very wet practice session from the May-Niac’s Weekend. Also scrubbed in my first set of Toyo RA-1s ever which was a bit greasy at first (I also over-inflated the rears so it was a bit more tail happy). Unfortunately I let the gopro battery run out and was never able to get a decent recording of the two race sessions. Oh well – live and learn, won’t happen next time. I think it’s really important to get video of every run, if not for self improvement, for a witness in case of a racing incident.

It was fun racing with the senior drivers in IP2 class for the first time. It’s much more competitive as one can imagine versus a novice race. I felt much more challenged and now welcome senior races.

Autocross Monster arriving this Race Season!

Sneak Peek: [R33 Skyline GTS-T Type-M]

Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Type – RB25DET
Fuel Type – Gasoline
Engine Displacement – 2498cc
Fuel Tank Capacity – 65L
Bore x Stroke – 86.0mm x 71.7mm
Compersion Ratio – 9.0 PSI
Max Power – 184kw/250ps @ 6400 RPM
Number of Cylinders – 6
Ignition/Fuel injection System – ECCS


[888 Motorsports] [SCCBC / CACC] Novice CW – A Lap Ahead 04/13/13 @ Mission Raceway Park

1:10 – Pace Lap

4:05 – Race Start

4:25 – Passing Miata & Camaro

5:55 – Passing Corvette

7:20 – Yellow Flag – Pace Car Out

10:05 – Race Resumes & A little bit tail happy

12:15 – Passed by Civic

16:15 – Lock up new NT01 tires

20:30 – Lapping Rabbit & Miata

23:25 – Lapping Porsche


Team: 888Motorsports.com / Sponsor: vanVPS.com

Car: 1997 Integra Type-R

Event: A Lap Ahead by SCCBC & CACC

Class: Novice Closed Wheel

Integra Type 888R

It is our pleasure to announce the 888 Motorsports Road Racing Car for 2013!

1997 Integra Type R CDM (Canadian Domestic Market)

Road Racing Class: CACC/Improved Production 2 or SCCA/Improved Touring R

Mods: 10pt Roll Cage, Cold Air Intake, Mugen Headers, Buddy Club Racing Spec Coilovers, Kosei K1 Wheels


To get a baseline for suspension handling, we entered the first Autocross of the year on February 3rd, held by the UBC Sports Car Club. It is called “Slush Series” for a very good reason as it runs during the racing off season.

I also incorrectly classed the car in Autocross as Street Touring, when it should have been Street Prepared. Got some funny looks there. Anyways, our purpose was for Road Race tuning and not for competition so it really doesn’t matter.

Despite the minimal seat time associated with autocross, we were able to get a better feel of the car at its limit in the wet with our rain tires (Bridgestone RE11). Had an awesome time. Definitely cannot wait until we can get some laps in at Mission Raceway.

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Driver’s Meeting