[888 Motorsports] [SCCBC] CW2 PRACTICE – May-Niacs Weekend 05/24/14 @ Mission Raceway Park

Featuring the very wet practice session from the May-Niac’s Weekend. Also scrubbed in my first set of Toyo RA-1s ever which was a bit greasy at first (I also over-inflated the rears so it was a bit more tail happy). Unfortunately I let the gopro battery run out and was never able to get a decent recording of the two race sessions. Oh well – live and learn, won’t happen next time. I think it’s really important to get video of every run, if not for self improvement, for a witness in case of a racing incident.

It was fun racing with the senior drivers in IP2 class for the first time. It’s much more competitive as one can imagine versus a novice race. I felt much more challenged and now welcome senior races.